Method to protect metals in Garments

Metal parts play an important role in some garments. For example, metal buttons on jeans and other clothing. In addition, unusual metal accessories are used to decorate the fabric. However, it cannot be denied that metals are prone to corrosion. Therefore, it must be protected from corrosion.

This post describes two of the most environmentally friendly methods that clothing manufacturers can use to prevent the corrosion of metal parts in clothing.

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Before we get to the point, let’s know about compounds that prevent the corrosion of metal parts.


Sequestrants, also called chelating agents, are additional chemicals that form complexes with water-borne metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. These complexes have different effects on textile processing. These chemicals should be used when dyeing any kind of fabric.

It is helpful to take precautions to reduce the effects of dissolved metal salts on the dyeing process. The action of sequestrants is driven by mechanisms involving complex formation, mostly in the form of chelation.

Sequestering agents must first form complex ions before they can successfully remove metal ions from solution systems and cannot undergo the same chemical processes as ions being removed from solution systems.

In addition to heavy metals such as iron and copper that interfere with the refining process, these substances are absolutely necessary to remove water hardness.

Sequestration concept used to develop sequestration agents

This is done by combining sequestrants and polyvalent metal ions in water to produce a soluble complex. This method can be used to soften water. However, it is more commonly used as a component in various wet textile processing steps to remove metal ions that interfere with the process.

Two Most Effective Sequestrants

The two most effective and environmentally friendly sequestrants include



Let’s see…

  1. POLLY – DAN

POLLY DAN is a powerful sequestering or chelating agent manufactured by Polly Industries. Compounds that form ecologically valuable additives with metals in water such as iron, calcium , and magnesium, have a wide range of effects on fibre processing. The solubility of anionic dyes is reduced by calcium and magnesium ions. In such a situation POLLY – DAN comes to the rescue.

Key Features of POLLY – DAN

• Effective in hard water and suitable for a wide pH range

• Combines excellent calcium, magnesium , and iron binding capacity with excellent dispersing capacity

• Used in pre-treatment processes

• Helps prevent corrosion on metal parts of clothing.


Another excellent sequestrant manufactured by POLLY INDUSTRIES is POLLY PSO, a desalting agent that helps remove iron from fabrics. It also increases the whiteness of the fibres. In addition, it offers a solution to the pinhole problem that can occur in many wet processing processes in textile manufacturing, especially bleaching processes.

Key Features of POLLY – PSO

• It is an effective desalting agent and suitable for chelating iron over a wide pH range.

• Provides high iron binding capacity combined with excellent dispersing properties Desalting and bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

• It is an organic sequestering agent with excellent chelating activity

• Subsequent bleaching processes Improves the overall whiteness of later garments

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