Scouring and Wetting of Textiles

Scouring Agent is used to remove naturally derived impurities adhering to fibers, oil that adhered to fibers in the spinning process, etc. POLLY RE610 scouring agent possesses high detergent action that ensures rapid removal of dirt/oil by saponification and the impurities from the fiber. It carries wonderful wetting action as well.
Come see RE610 Wetting agent in action.


Versatile Anionic wetting agent; imparts excellent emulsification and dispersing properties along with wetting properties; is an effective detergent; stable to high alkali concentrations and high temperatures encountered during rapid bleaching processes ; useful in high temperature scouring operations and peroxide bleaching; soluble in polar solvents such as perchloro-ethylene ethanol, carbon tetrachloride, xylene etc, dispersible in mineral oil, kerosene etc; minimal effect on water repellent finishes; excellent rinsability. For Technical Data Sheet: POLLY RE610 Wetting and Scouring Agent.

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