About Us

Polly Industries is one of the Leading Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals manufacturers in India, having 28 years of expertise in manufacturing of proven and quality-driven specialty chemicals and textile auxiliaries. We have a nationwide presence through our dedicated distributor network. We aim to surpass the client’s expectations with quality products and services.

Polly Industries was founded in 1995 by Mr. Arun Gunaki, who came to Pune in the 1980s. The company started with manufacturing dye fixing agents and further developed the entire range of products required for textile processing. From a diverse range of softeners, finishing agents, mercerising, wetting and rewetting agents to alternatives to soda ash and other specially formulated products using our state of art R&D.

Eventually the company ventured into other sectors namely Sugar, Electroplating, Mining, Automobile, Food, Home and Personal Care, Adhesives and Polymer Additives etc.​

Our Key Values

Research & Developement

Experience counts and this is reflective in our Research and Development. Our team is a blend of highly experienced individuals and superbly talented professionals who share a common passion of consistent development of products as required by our customers.

The latest technology and science helps our research and development experts upgrade products and services, keeping the day to day challenges of industries in mind.

To be a global manufacturing leader of high-quality specialty chemicals and intermediates with applications across major industry sectors by the year 2030.

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