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Polly Industries


Sustainable Chemicals

Industries we serve...

Textile - We manufacture the entire range of chemicals for every stage of the process. one of the widest range of textile specialty chemicals and defoamers in country.

Sugar - We understand the need of industry and thus our disinfectants, viscosity regulators, defoamers and much more is researched for your optimized production.

Electroplating - Wetting and cleansing agents, block polymers, defoamers and practically all your needs fulfilled under one roof. In all reliable specialty chemicals.

Adhesives and Polymers - Emulsifiers, dispersing agents, penetrating agents, defoamers and wetting agents.

Paints & Inks - Anti-Settling agents, emulsifiers, penetration agents and much more. We are experts in Chemicals.

Pharmaceuticals - We understand your needs for defoaming, wetting agents, emulsion stabilizers and deliver customized solutions for all your needs.

Home and Personal care - Intermediaries and end products keeping in mind of utmost human comfort and hygiene.

Automotives - The lustre your products need, washing before processing and the surfactants for all stage, we have it all.

Water Treatment- We help you make our world cleaner and all production facilities sustainable. 

Laundry & Hospitality - Be it an independent laundry or setups in Hotels, our products are just not to be missed.

Pulp & Paper - Rely on us for your needs of pulping aids, felt cleaning, retention and drainage programs, sizing enzymes, water treatment and sludge conditioning solutions.

Mining & Ceramics - our dust supressants are not to be missed as working conditions are of utmost priority.

We truly are experts in specialty chemicals manufacturing...