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Significance of Retention and Drainage Program for smooth runnability of Paper Machine

The Paper machine wet end is the section where Pulp i.e. a slurry of water and fiber is spread into a running sheet, while separation of water fiber occurs. There are few different types of processes however what is common is a feed zone where the slurry is present as the input, the fiber mat …

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Sugar processing chemicals – necessities

Sugar Processing Chemicals Sugar Industry is a chemical-based, water and energy-intensive industry. With the advent of technology, the manufacturing process has undergone several upgrades in past decades. But the demand of advancements is endless and thus at Polly Industries we work persistently to provide better and more efficient products. We offer a range of pure …

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Chemicals Make in India

Chemicals are an integral part of our lives, providing several raw materials and intermediaries for textiles, paints, paper, mining, packaging, detergents, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, polymers, rubbers etc. The Indian Chemical Industry is an integral part of the economic growth of the country and in some ways, the backbone of the economy. The sector is highly diverse, …

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Textiles – details

What are textiles? A woven material using natural or synthetic fibres which can be used in multiple applications as a web itself. The sourcing of the fibre can be from Animals, Plants, Minerals and Artificial production depending on the applications and processing of every kind of textile is a unique process. Application of Textiles: 1. …

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Different Types of Chemicals Used in Garment Washing Plant

  Introduction: Today’s textile industry uses a variety of chemicals to clean clothes and fabrics, depending on the level of treatment. In particular, the washing of denim products is now an essential process in the production of casual wear fashion items. Laundering of clothes with or without mottling is done to produce effects such as …

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Chemical Finishing of Textiles

As we know textile finishing determines the final appearance and aesthetic qualities of the fabric. Finishing processes include processes designed to change the optical, tactile, and mechanical strength properties of the textile. This involves the application of chemical compounds or finishing auxiliaries to a textile material to achieve the desired fabric property. Textile finishing is …

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