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Water Treatment

Water treatment is a process for treating sewage or industrial wastewater and converting it into a more acceptable form for a specific end-use. The end utilization of this treated water can be reverse feed to the process, gardening, horticulture, cooling applications and even drinking if disinfection is properly ensured. There are multiple stages involved in every treatment process due to the nature of the removal of impurities sought. Chemicals form an unavoidable part of the treatment mechanism as several parameters are at play.


The common and overlapping procedures in all types of treatment systems are the removal of solids and the treatment of sludge generated after removal of solids.


Our Products as listed below aid the separation process and are highly dependable.

  • Coagulation - the stage where the charges in ions floating in water are neutralized thus initiating natural settling and floatation of particles on basis of density differences. POLLY ETP is a strong coagulation aid.

  • Flocculation - the particles are required to settle at bottom of reservoirs or float to the top for removal from wastewater stream Flocculants help in the formation of high molecular weight polymeric chains which trap the solid particles and generate bulky flocs. POLLY FLOC is a strong flocculant.


Sludge generation and conditioning - the solids which settle to the base are known as sludge and removal ensure the availability of space for more settling. However, sludge in itself is to be handled and disposed off as per the requirements of the process. POLLY SET is a sludge conditioner suitable for tertiary stages, it helps in faster water drainage and thickening of sludge thus reducing volume.

Synthetic water-soluble; anionic; polymer; Industrial waste treatment; strong flocculating agent; clarification of waste water de dewatering sludge from: a. metal finishing, pulp and paper manufacture, brewing, leather tanning, soap and detergent manufacture, glass and ceramic production, synthetic rubber production, meat packaging, oil refining, textile processing, chemical processing, aluminium and steel processing, paint manufacturing
Highly effective flocculating agent; used in removal of dye-stuffs from textile manufacturing units; used in effluent treatment of food processing units, distilleries, soluble coffee and tea powder manufacturing units; useful in tertiary waste water treatment
Highly effective in de-colorization of dye-stuffs in effluent water; useful in tertiary waste- water treatment

For Technical Data Sheets please click: POLLY FLOC, POLLY ETP, POLLY SET 60

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