Sugar processing chemicals – necessities

Sugar Processing Chemicals

Sugar Industry is a chemical-based, water and energy-intensive industry. With the advent of technology, the manufacturing process has undergone several upgrades in past decades. But the demand of advancements is endless and thus at Polly Industries we work persistently to provide better and more efficient products.

We offer a range of pure chemicals such as flocculating agents, viscosity reducers, mill sanitation chemicals, defoamers, anti-settling agents and water treatment chemicals used in sugar industry, to help you improve your recovery and quality. We believe in handholding your process and customize the products to suit your specific needs. Let us understand what all we can offer:


Juice clarification is the most important part at the beginning of the sugar process. This process involves a range of clarifier types. Our flocculants with extra high molecular weight anionic water-soluble characteristics are the best bet. The negative charge initiates liquid/solid separation to remove all the mud, leaves and trash that are carried with the initial raw material. This results in high performance of juice, filtrate, syrup and melt clarifiers, it is also highly used in decanters.

De-foaming Agent:

At various stages with the flow of liquids and pumping action air gets entrapped in fluid thus causing the development of foam. Choice of non-ionic or silicone-based defoamers help in getting rid of foams, thus reducing problems of overflow, false readings by level transmitters and cavitation in pumps.Mill Sanitation Chemicals:

Delays between the harvesting and processing of cane and beet are frequently sufficient to allow the rapid growth of sugar-reducing bacteria. The regular use of mill sanitation biocides within the mill kills these bacteria and minimises its further growth. We have scientifically developed chemicals in order to inhibit & stop the growth of bacteria and fungi or other biomass during the milling process in sugar mills. This biocide maintains the purity of sugarcane juice and assures highest sugar recovery. These are highly stable over a wide range of pH and temperature. This biocide controls drop in purity and it is cost-effective, self-de-gradable and eco-friendly too.

Scale Inhibitors:

At the sugar industry, process equipment’s scaling and under deposit corrosion are serious problems, especially at the evaporators. The thermal efficiency of sugar evaporators is largely responsible for the overall efficiency sometimes the capacity of the industry. Deposits such as calcium salts of carbonates, sulphates, oxalates, silicates etc. precipitate on tubes which are formed on the internal surfaces of the evaporator tubes preventing the heat transfer and consequently reduce the evaporation performance. Our Scale inhibitors aid the prevention requirements.

Viscosity Enhancement Chemical

Our viscosity Enhancer specially formulated to enhance the viscosity during second carbonation stage.

Viscosity Reducing Chemical

During Pan boiling there is a need to reduce viscosity to ensure proper convection for heat transfer. Our Viscosity reducing chemicals aid the process.

Boiler water treatment chemicals

Boiler water treatment is focused on removal or chemical modification of substances potentially damaging to the boiler. Varying types of treatment are used at different locations to avoid the scale, corrosion, or foaming. This is one of the best chemicals used in sugar industry!

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling water treatment chemicals help prevent corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth can derail your operations. We helps reduce the chemical residue in the raw materials.

Effluent Treatment Chemicals

RO anti-scalant helps to control inorganic scales of calcium, magnesium, barium, strontium, fluoride, iron and silica. RO anti-scalant ensures above 80% reduction in scaling tendencies if used continuously. It is widely used in industries in a variety of applications in the industry. Also, Coagulants and Sludge handling chemicals ensure that during the process of production environment is not damaged.

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