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Formulators rely on POLLY INDUSTRIES defoaming technologies to meet the most demanding standards of excellence – such as those in automotive coatings, paint manufacturing, textile industry, pulp and paper etc. Our lineup ranges from products based on mineral oils or native oils, specialty emulsions and organosilicon-based solutions to silicone-free and star-polymer defoamers.

There are several outstanding innovations in the POLLY INDUSTRIES defoamer portfolio. Unlike conventional mineral-oil and silicone defoamers, our defoaming technology can break down foams on a molecular level. Our unique defoamers can be used for hard foams, dispersed foams, submerged and emulsified foam and accelerate bubble-break times and boosts efficiency.


Key features and benefits

  • Effective foam suppression and micro-foam removal during production and application

  • Cost savings through shorter production processes

  • Prevention of surface defects like craters, fisheyes, pinholes and weak points in the dried paint

  • Regulatory compliance, low-VOC, renewable

  • Low odor

  • High Speed defoaming.

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